Keep It Burning Lyrics -Kanye West (Ft. Future)

Keep It Burning Lyrics
Keep It Burning Lyrics

Kanye West (Ft. Future)-Keep It Burning Lyrics

Keep It Burning Lyrics- Kanye West (Ft. Future)”

Shoot my shot, alright
Give me the first night at then I take off
[?] bright that I take off
Made another hit, yeah
Yeah, yeah (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

Hmm, on the realest
Hard with a [?] if I miss you
Lovin’ on the [?] and your mouth is the issue
Lovin’ on the time when your spouse s’posed to be with you
Count up on a thou’ soon as I’ll come and get you
Fought for a play, my, my, but I miss you
Must own the base that tha fam wanna hit through
Lightning and thunder can’t tell me what I’ve been through
Need to do somethin’ for the Sunday, gettin’ over
Line for somethin’, for somethin’ we gettin’ into
Hide ‘fore our fam but we’re fine with the fame
[?] on lines, on the lines, on the mean
That was all fine, on the time for the money

Yeah, Pluto (Burning down the house)
Yeah (Burning down the house)
Cookin’ at the apartment
[?] (Burning down the house)
Nigga, I’ma play off, ah, ah (Burning down the house)

Cookin’ out the bowl, tryna scrape off the paint
One day I was high, had to pour the whole pint
Woke up in the sky, same money from the bank
I’ll take it wrapped in plastic, accept anything
Cut up the dark with the fetti, nine times
Doped up today like I got ninety-nine lives
Blood on my money, see the blood in my eyes
LaFerrari, bando, two at a time
Every time I fuck, you gotta tell me it’s mine
Sinnin’ again, I’ve been winnin’ again
Telling that shawty to spin it again
Ridin’ with the fire, bitch ain’t never gon’ see
Walkin’ in the day one in the head is a must
Dark in my flesh, say it run in my cup (Burning down the house)
Rose gold like a band-aid over my cut
Tailored in plush [?] (Burning down the house)

I fuck [?] the things up again
They had the maid in the main room I’m in (Burning down the house)
I got the main ones in [?]
I hold the manner, [?] (Burning down the house)
Can’t nobody find ’cause this the home of the drillers
Got a home across your home [?] ’cause I miss you
[?] says your mouth is the issue
If I run for twenty-four, I bet my spouse gon’ be with me
Turn up on the town when it’s out, when we in it
Gotta love the town, want it now [?] me
Last time in Tao, yeah, you seen where they sit me
Last time in Tao, yeah, your team where they meet me
[?] time for the fiend
Heaven’s on the [?] down on me
I don’t need to find and I don’t need it for the minute

Bando, count money with a MAC
Seen too much violence, done seen too much death
Bodies on bodies, got a gang full of them
Raised by gangsters, prostitutes and pimps
Visit my grandmother in prison on Sunday
Talk in third person, won’t admit it if I done it
Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’
Burning down the house
Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’
Burning down the house
Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’
Burning down the house
Burning down the house

“Keep It Burning Lyrics”

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