How To Check Blaze Pizza Gift Card Balance

Blaze Pizza is a popular pizza chain with locations all over the United States. Recently, they have started offering gift cards that can only be redeemed at participating U.S. locations. If you have a friend or family member who loves Blaze Pizza, this article will teach you how to check their Blaze Pizza gift card balance!

What Is Blaze Pizza?

The owners of Wetzel’s Pretzels founded Blaze Pizza in Pasadena, California, in 2011. The concept of Blaze was modelled after Chipotle’s “build your own” and “made-to-order” concepts. Among Blaze’s locations are those in the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

Blaze Pizza Gift Card Balance

What Is A Blaze Pizza Gift Card?

Happiness is a loaded gift card; you can purchase them at most traditional restaurants or online. The gift of fire will make everyone smile. You can purchase this gift card at Blaze Pizzeria or on You can buy a maximum of five cards per order. Each Blaze gift card has a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $500. Reloading more than $250 per day is not permitted at these locations.

To check your balance on a Blaze Pizza gift card, just head to the website and enter your card information. You’ll be able to see the remaining amount as well as any applicable fees. If you need to spend your balance sooner rather than later, don’t worry! You can also contact customer service to have your funds transferred to another payment method.

Blaze Pizza Gift Card Balance

There is no need to go through the hassle of trying to figure out your pizza delivery balance or worrying about a missed order. With Blaze Pizza’s online gift card management system, you can keep track of your account balance, orders, and payments all in one place.

blaze pizza gift card balance
  1. If you want to check your Blaze Pizza gift card balance, you first have to log in to your account at
  2. Next, you need to go to the “My Gift Cards” section and click on the “View Your Balance” link.
  3. You’ll then be brought to a page which will display the gift card number and PIN.
  4. You can then click on the “Get Details” link which will give you more information about the balance, recent transactions, and customer service contact information if there are any questions or concerns.

FAQ’s | Blaze Pizza Gift Card Balance

Why Is Blaze Pizza so good?

Blaze’s pizzas are baked at a high temperature, and the crust is very thin, which makes them cook very quickly. Even with this thin crust and fast baking time, their pizzas taste amazing! The crust can get a little burnt, but the cheese is properly melted, and the pizza always comes out hot.

blaze pizza gift card balance

Is Blaze Pizza healthier?

Compared to many other pizza shops, Blaze Pizza offers particularly healthy options. Diners can enjoy a full meal for $20 or less at Blaze Pizza, which promises to serve freshly prepared food free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Can I Use My Blaze Pizza Gift Card Anywhere?

Blaze Gift Cards are available for purchase and use in participating locations in the U.S. (excluding airports, stadiums, UCLA, and GMU).

Conclusion | Blaze Pizza Gift Card Balance

If you have a Blaze Pizza gift card, you need to know how to check your balance and use it. This is especially important if you no longer have the physical card or if the PIN number has been forgotten. You can check your balance and use the cards on the Blaze Pizza website or by calling the customer service phone number, 1-626-584-5880.

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