10 freaky girls 21 savage lyrics


10 freaky girls 21 savage lyrics – 21 Savage Lyrics


Singer 21 Savage

No, no, no
No, no

[Verse 1: 21 Savage]
In peace (In peace), may you rest (May you rest)
Never ever shoot below the neck (Never ever)
You a rookie (You a rookie), I’m a vet (I’m a vet)
That’s why I got a Glock, you got a TEC (Got a TEC)
Not checkers (Not checkers), this chess (n*gga chess)
I flooded out my Patek with baguettes
I curve Tiffany (Yeah), for Jess (For who?)
Need to get myself together, I’m a mess (Straight up)
In Bikini Bottom, I’m with Sandy (Sandy)
Moesha keep on drinkin’ all the brandy (Brandy)
Keisha eat the molly like it’s candy (Yah, yah)
Bodyslam a n*gga like I’m Randy (Yah, yah)
Yeah, I’m a hot hitter (Straight up)
I’m a guap getter (Straight up)
Leave a thot bitter (Straight up)
Get your block hit up
Oh, you think you in a group? Get that sh*t split up (On God)
Tryna suck me layin’ down, I make that b*tch sit up (Straight up)

Yeah, hot box, dirty stick, case closed (Case closed)
We grill beef, n*gga, charcoal (Uh oh)
Sellin’ pus*y, her vajay-jay got a barcode (Uh oh)
These broke ass n*ggas need Jobco (21)
Used to use EBT to get seafood (What?)
Now I Uber Eats when I want Kiku (Straight up)
She wanna hang out and let the gang G you (Facts)
Metro worth a lot of M’s, n*gga, me too (Racks)

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